Y'all meet Scarlett

This darling lil ball of personality makes me work harder every time I see her and I see her a lot. Her mama loves pictures, but Scarlett does not. I have done all of her birthday sessions, Christmas sessions, family sessions etc. and every session she cries. I don't know if its my red hair or the camera, but she doesn't have it.

3rd birthday photo session wild child with sunflowers
3rd birthday photo session sunflowers on ladder
3rd birthday photo session cake with sunflowers

Now with that said, would you know that looking at these pictures? Nope. I sit patiently waiting for her to calm down and get comfortable. I mean she's only 3, why expect so much from such a small and emotional lil human? We jammed her favorite songs, sugared her up and chased her all around the studio. There's no tiptoeing around my studio - its wild child friendly! This theme was perfect for my sweet girl.