Enter a Heading

One of the many things I love about what I do is how it's always changing and keeps me on my creative toes. I do not like doing the same thing/theme/setting over and over. Unless it's minis of course 😉

So when Ashton sent me some inspiration for her session, I knew I had to find a great field just for her with the sun setting just right. We moved to Cypress several months ago, so I am always scoping out new locations and man oh man was this one perfect.

Ashton brought her own fresh flowers and her styling was on point. Not only was she the most polite and sweetest senior with the best attitude, she was drop dead gorgeous as well. I say it about every session, but this is really a favorite of mine.

Senior photo session with flowers in cypress texas
Senior photo session in cypress texas

Making it her own

The beautiful Ashton brought her late grandpa's guitar and hat to her session and we had to make sure to capture it in some shots. Sometimes the sun sets just right over a random field that I find.

senior portraits in cypress texas
senior portraits in cypress texas
senior portraits in cypress texas with guitar
senior portraits in cypress texas