Losing a loved one

A little over a year ago, my friend Tanya tragically lost her son, CJ. Her whole world came crushing down and her family experienced a pain that no one should ever have to endure. She has found a way to help other grieving parents through her podcasts and organization, Sunset Cowboy, in CJ's memory.

I reached out to Tanya and offered to do a session that she could honor CJ and hopefully help her broken heart heal just a tad. She was touched by the gesture, but took some time until she was ready to do the session. A lot of tears were shed as she breathed in really deep and thought about her son. I swear we could hear the wind whispering to us from heaven and of course we had THE most beautiful sunset. Tanya had his necklace and I did my best to incorporate it into what she would love as a final product. I had a vision in my mind and this is it.

family photograph after losing a loved one
family photograph after losing a son

I can't post these without a huge THANK YOU to Graceland Farm Outdoor Studio. I reached out, told them about Tanya's story and what we were trying to achieve. They didn't even hesitate to donate the location to us. I knew exactly where I wanted to do these photos and Graceland Farm was it. Ironically, the owner of Graceland is also named Tanya.

I truly believe there is healing powers in photos and the ability to remember those we love.